Case Study

Discovering a better digital presence.

Last Door did ground research and decided to redo the DWT’s site from scratch to redefine the user interaction and create a seamless travel booking experience.


Not just a website

A refined visual language to support the beautiful Nepalese scenery that brought the natural life into a website.

Discovery World Trekking Front page show case

A website that fits on all your devices

Discovery World Trekking responsive show case

Turbo speed with a robust engine

A system that takes no effort to use

Dashboard Showcase

And, what about the results?

As soon as we launched the site, we were amazed by the results that showed up—an increase in user interaction & conversion from the website.

Much longer surfing than ever

The average surfing time increased from 2 minutes to 8 and a half. Customer questionnaires were decreased by 90%.

More users,
easy checkout, more conversions

We saw a rise in conversion rate and bookings. And, that was a 7 times increase in comparison to the old site.

In 2019, Last Door built a rock-solid web site for Discovery World Trekking, which turned out to be the pioneer
Paul Gurung

Founder, Discovery World Trekking

Vast growth in organic travelers

DWT saw its all-time high usage on the site backed by our strong SEO which eventually helped to grow the organic customers.

Happy users,
happy customers, proud creators

The feedback from customers and clients were pretty amazing with a few flaws, which the team solved later on.

number 1

Overall, the discovery world trekking site stands as the number one website in the Nepalese Travel Industry


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